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All data is on CD or USB Drive (your choice), only the main course is printed and put in a 3-ring notebook.

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IMPORTANT 1a:  Some counties are shut partially or fully down due to Covid-19 (China virus) which can prevent some of the steps in my system.  Such as garnishing wages or bank accounts and more.   There are about 3,141 counties in the US and I canít help if a county is temporary closed not allowing you to do some of the steps in this system.   But I don't have to go to the court myself most of the time (approx 70%) because I work with the debtor and explain how their credit can be affected with a judgment against them for employment, car loans, mortgages and more (see my system for more details). 

There are about 3,141 counties in the US and 50 states.  I have collected in two states successfully and as of 12/2020 I have fully or partially collected about 641 judgments so far.  Some states (yours could be included) make it hard or impossible to collect a judgment using the court systems and some states are more friendly.  But what I teach works for many states/counties.  If it is difficult in your state, work on judgments in another state and the internet makes this possible.

IMPORTANT 1c: Once I ship it, send download link by email or I start creating your website template there aren't any refunds or returns or exchanges or credit because copies could be made and then you would end up getting it for free if I allowed refunds after its sent or my work has started.  

The 3-ring notebook contains the printed copy of the main 259 page training system.
(CD and Flash Drive) both contain all the forms, notes, documentation (print ready)
(Main system is .pdf with clickable links.  All forms, notes are .doc)  PayPal

Only $89.99 CD
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sent Post Office "Priority Mail" with Tracking number.
259 page main document

Table of Contents

This 3-ring version is great for taking notes in and adding your own pages and case history.

3-ring notebook pages are
8.5" x 11" pages - 259 pages

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*exact same system as 3-ring notebook.  The 3-ring notebook pages are slightly larger than the paperback book, meaning the 3-ring notebook contains more words per page, thus less pages.  But they are both word for word the exact same system.


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