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Generate your own judgment leads

Judgment template - get your own website and it will look like this sample.

85 page website $120:    

There are two steps to take:

1)  Pick out what domain name you want.  Make sure its unused.
Need help?  Just ask...

2)  Pay for your website below by clicking on the Buy Now link.

Website Sample:  Click Here

Please check out the Refund Policy which explains why no refunds.

What you get:

1)   I do everything for you, you just have to pick out a website name that isn't already being used (I can help)
2)   Your own website that looks like mine (see example).
3)   Customized with your contact information. 
4)   Developed and hosted for 1 year using this template.
5)   Your own email address
(you can have several of them.  Have one for each "departments" for your company).

Refund PolicyFAQ'sTable of Contents
Please check out the Refund Policy which explains why no refunds.

Only $45 a year renewal thereafter (subject to change) to host the website, renew the domain name and continued use of the website and also the email address.

Once I ship it, send download link by email or I start creating your website template there aren't any refunds or returns or exchanges or credit because copies could be made and then you would end up getting it for free if I allowed refunds after its sent or my work has started.  

Maybe your website name can be like:



maybe go to http://www.allhomebased.com/Get_your_own_website.htm
and just see if its available.  Don't do the transfer or even order it, just see if it is available.