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JudgmentCenter is for sale.   And the sale has many parts:


Part 1)  Judgment collection (I collect judgments.  Once someone wins in court a judge enters a judgment. (This is a financial win for the creditor.  Most common court case is a small claims court) I help the winner (creditor) collect their judgment for a split of the winnings.   You can start collecting judgments for the creditor/winner for a split of the collected monies at NO cost or payment to the creditor until you actually have money in your hand.


Part 2)  I teach others how to do the same thing as I do in part 1. They can buy a system that I sell to teach them how to make money collecting judgments (I have a published paperback book 8"x10" 282 page manual plus the forms, notes, documentation in the collection system I sell.  


Part 3)  This sale will include the source code to all of my websites:  There are 4 websites (judgmentcenter.com judgEmentcenter.com, judgmentcollectiontraining.com, judgEmentcollectiontraining.com).  


Part 4)  The source code to the book, and also the source to all the forms, notes, documentation.   You also get the entire and original source images to the paperback book cover (front, back, binder) which can be edited using Adobe Photoshop


Part 5)  You also get the Kindle version (same text as the main paperback book but formatted for the kindle).   I hired the publisher to reformat the paperback book into the Kindle format.


Part 6)  Domain name ownership transfer of all 4 websites


Part 7)  40 hours of training included.  More if needed at $42.00 an hour which is about half I make collecting judgments. 


Part 8)  Complete source video to JudgmentCenter infomercial.   It is already made, production ready source code and used a couple times which netted/made a lot of sales.   


Part 9)  Complete cgi-script software for the SEO (search engine optimization) of JudgmenCenter.com.  Includes the login to the CGI-script and the complete software script itself.


Part 10) Responsive webdesign of judgmentcenter.com

Responsive designs of JudgmentCenter:   Responsive website responds to changes in the different devices viewing the same webpage.    If you want to see how responsive design works, visit a site that uses responsive design, such as https://www.judgmentcenter.com/    Visit that site on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung cell phone, desktop and laptop computer or other similar sized device, and you will see the design that is targeted to fit that size device.



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