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Leads for sale (closed, we do not sell leads anymore)

Do you want some judgment leads?    We get leads from various sources (court house, website, telephone calls).   We can sell some to you as soon as they come into us to help you get started.   If we give you a lead, we will not use it ourselves - its exclusive to you.

If you require a specific state and/or county, please send me an email prior to purchase.

We charge $10 per lead, 10 lead minimum. Please mail a check or money order to us, payable to JudgmentCenter.com.      Discount for 20 or more.

Sample Lead  -  data is presented in a simple Excel spreadsheet

Our researchers routinely visit several counties nationwide and are able to collect judgments straight from the courthouse, saving Judgment Recovery Specialists a lot of research time.    Ours are just $10 per lead and we won’t be reselling the lead once you’ve purchased it.

Plus, we offer an attractive discount for bulk orders of 20, 50 and especially 100 leads or more.   We typically collect information from judgments which are less than 2 years old, but not newer than 6 months old.

We would be happy to alert you to what states and counties we have leads for as they are available (changes daily) and can distribute to your request of commercial, consumer or both.   Send me an email asking what state you want.

If we’re not covering your desired state, we’ll be happy to recruit and expand to provide such coverage for you.  Need copies?  In most counties, we can also provide a retrieval service for you and provide you with a copy the judgment paperwork you desire.

We hope to hear from you soon.




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