How I personally started collecting judgments:
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As a landlord in 1989, I had to sue an ex-tenant in small claims (conciliation court).  I won, but they didn't pay.  So I started researching on ways to get them to pay.   I kept good notes.  Then when I had to go to small claims court a 2nd time for another landlord/tenant problem (which I won that time also) and I expanded on my original notes.   

Later when I talked to another landlord and I told him about my two successful times I won and also collected from ex-tenants he asked me to collect his small claims court award.   And that when I started researching how to collect some else's judgments without having to get a collection license or permit.

Then in 1997 I started working for a credit bureau score company as a full time employee and I worked there nearly 6.5 years.   I learned a lot of ways to find someone and also find their assets.   I added this information to my other documentation I have been writing since I first had to sue an ex-tenant. 

Throughout the years from 1989 to 2001 I developed a judgment collection system for myself.  Then in 2001 I said why not let others get this information.  So I reformatted all my actual notes, documentation, and forms into this judgment recovery course.   My years of experience are now in one nice judgment recovery home study class / course / system.  

Now I would like to introduce you to what many feel is the best business opportunity of it's kind today!  Stay awhile and have a look around, you'll find an abundance of information about the judgment recovery business compiled for you at this site.

Of course, if there are any questions that haven't been answered after you've perused for a little bit, please don't hesitate to contact us. There is an email link and contact information available for you at the contact us page - you can even speak to a real live person!

I will try to provide you with complete and current information on all aspects of judgment recovery. Additionally you'll receive all of the necessary letters, contracts and multitude of forms designed to help you keep organized, including interest tracking and payment ledgers.   We've even gone a step further and included valuable software: All of the letters, contracts and forms on a CD for your convenience; and hundreds of our best internet resources in an interactive program which works with your computer's web browser.

I have many years of experience in his past in the following:

  • Real Estate Experience:

    • Real estate landlord

    • Licensed real estate agent

    • Mortgage loan officer

    • Judgment Collector

  • Computer programmer

  • Private Pilot

  • Employee of credit bureau score company for 6.4 years.

With all the real estate experience and the credit score company experience Steve Cook started collecting judgments with a head start.

Also, all of the information is my own actual first hand experience in conducting the Judicial Judgment Processing Program or information I received by talking to others.
I continue to conduct the business myself and usually collect a couple judgments each month.

Information contained in this program is compiled from the author’s own experience and is believed to be complete. The entire program is designed to provide information regarding the subject matter and any opinions given are based on the author’s experience, and considered true and accurate, but not infallible. This information is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering any legal advice. If legal advice is required, the services of an attorney and/or accountant should be sought.

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Please send me an email after your order asking for it then I can reply to your email and you should get it quicker.  CHECK your bulk or spam folder for my email.   Download is approx. 5.5 megs.   You can also call me to let me know you placed an order.

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FREE with every purchase:   "Secrets of Credit Scores". 
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(not inside secrets, but information that is public but not widely known, plus from his experience as a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent AND real estate landlord and investor...) 



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With the system you are lead step-by-step through the judgment recovery process.   You can earn large cash amounts quickly plus a recurring monthly income (payment plan if the debtor can not pay it in full, which is very common). 

You can earn Quick Cash by Collecting a judgment in full or Residual income when you Garnish their wages.

And I think there is so very little competition collecting judgments.

Earn $5,000 or more a month is possible, but only if you devote full time to it.

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In the course you are lead step-by-step through the judgment recovery process. You can quickly earn large cash amounts plus a recurring monthly income. .

Quick Cash:  You collect a judgment, keep 50% (or whatever you negotiate).
Monthly income: 
You garnish wages, keep 50% of each payment each time the person gets paid.

You never even have to confront the debtor.  Your investigations can be conducted in covert fashion. The debtor doesn't even have to know you are on his trail. 

It can be even more than 50% as this percentage is up to you to negotiate for. 

There is so very little competition but with this latest 3+ year recession there are so many more judgments out there waiting for you.   Earn $5,000 to $15,000 or more a month is possible.

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There are so few legitimate businesses you can start from so little investment and also work from home if you choose to.   Each and every day landlords, business owners, banks, private citizens win a monetary award in court.    Usually it is from small claims court (also known as conciliation court), but sometimes it is district court, sometimes money award is a result of a car accident injury, or even a business owner not getting paid for products or services they provided such as a retail store, or even services such as a plumber or handyman.

Anywhere from 20-90% of these judgments go unpaid.   And the "winner" of the court case is really the "loser" because they haven't collected the awarded money yet AND and they are usually the one that suffered damages from the other party.

You can help the winner get their money back.  It usually is not just the money that was awarded in court, but also they might be able to get their court costs back and that original awarded amount can include interest.  The interest can really add up to the original judgment amount.  

Most of the work is done from the computer via the internet and by sending letters by the post office.   It doesn't cost you anything to get the judgments from your local court house.   Once you get the information on the judgment then you send a  letter to the winner telling them about your judgment recovery business.  We have designed these letters. 

We show you where to find judgments.
We show you actual letters to use to send to the winner.
We show you letters to use to record the judgment in your name at the county.
We show you ways to find the loser.
We show you ways to collect from the loser.
We show you how to record at the county that the loser paid the amount in full.

There are millions of dollars in most county courthouses of judgments uncollected.  Just think of how many counties there are in the country.   Hundreds of counties and millions of dollars per county, could mean Billions of dollars awaiting to be paid to the winner.  But most winners don't have a clue how to collect the money, let alone how to find the person after they move away (such as out of a landlords rental property).  

If you collect the judgment you can collect any percentage agreed upon with the winner.  The most common split we have seen is 50/50.  Sometimes it is even more for you for older judgments.  

If the winner doesn't want to pay you the 50% (or even 60%), tell them something is better than nothing.   

You do NOT need a collection license.  You are not collecting money for someone else which is what collection agencies do.   What happens is that you get the judgment "assigned" to you by the winner at NO cost (no money paid to the winner).

We prefer assigning the judgment.  There isn't a cost except occasional small court costs to record the temporary assignment of the judgment to you.   Once that is done then it is yours to collect upon.   THUS YOU do NOT need a collection permit or a collection license.

I can show you step by step how to do all of this and more.  There is even a short two page summary in the beginning of the course that gives you the big picture of what it is all about.  The summary is very helpful so you don't get overwhelm with details at once.  We lead you into it slowly, BUT there is a table of contents that allows you to skip ahead if you want.


PS:  We have done so well, that we started limiting our judgment collection efforts to the state of Minnesota (mostly the Minneapolis area).   We were getting too many requests and we got so swamped, that we were turning away business so I can sell you those leads that we get from this website.   

We could give you these extra leads that we aren't using to help you get started (this would be something we could discuss after you get the system).

A Complete Judgment Collection Training Course
Learn how to collect judgements for money
Collect on your judgement  Judgment recovery training
Judgment recovery course   judgement recovery system


Rental Property: 4plex
Rental Property: large single family 
(plus I owned 5 more single family rentals in MN as seen here: