The following are some of the actual testimonials that I have received

Dear Steve Cook,

First I want to thank you for your wonderful and informative course, How to Make Money Processing Judicial Judgments. I've learned a lot about the Judgment Enforcement business by studying your material, and I continue to learn every time I re-read the course.

After a trip to both the Anoka and the Hennepin courthouses to find suitable conciliation court cases, and after sending out some letters, I now have my first case to work on. The judgment was transcribed from the Anoka county conciliation court to the 10th judicial district court.


(company name removed for privacy) xxxx, LLC 

Hi Steve,

I've carefully read the material describing your course and I'm impressed.


Thank You


Hi Steve,

I’m very impressed with your site.  I actually came across it doing a “Google” search for money judgements, because I was approached by another business called xxxxxx.  Anyway, I would just like to talk to you about the business.  I currently work as a real estate agent in new construction and have done well . . . but like any good salesman, I’m looking for other opportunities to tap into.  I would appreciate a call sometime.

Kind regards,



Thank you for your program, I have downloaded the instant download and have started reading the material already.  I have found it very informative and look forward to receiving the other materials. I am sure that I will have some questions in the future and look forward to the experience and knowledge you provide.

thank you,


Hi Steve!

Thanks for the course I am excited to get started.  Please email me the forms in word document.  I really want to work from online, in your opinion what is the best place to locate people with judgements? (online)

Thanks again!




I thank you and I am enjoying my purchase from you.   I do have some questions that I want to bring to you.............