We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

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We always ship the system to your credit card billing address to prevent fraud and shipped by USPS Priority-Mail with a tracking number.

Email: steve @ judgementcenter.com  (remove spaces).  I do not do one-on-one email or phone support anymore because....  

No personal one-on-one training because people kept asking me for "one-on-one" training after their purchase. 

I was spending a couple hours or more for their personal one-on-one training by answering their questions with information that is already in the system they received and all they had to do is a search in the main system (it is a .pdf that is searchable).  I wasn't getting paid for those extra hours with them, so I don't do anymore support for this price.  

If it isn't in the system, then I haven't encountered that situation before, so your best bet is to do an internet search. 

Phone 651 - 321 - 1801  (this is for text messages and also voicemail). 

I show you where I got this FREE line (it does have an option to "forward" the calls to your own cell/home/work numbers if you choose at anytime).   But I choose to NOT forward this number to my cell/home/work numbers and to use this as a voicemail mailbox and texting only.  

Please check your SPAM or Bulk folders
to see if you have an email from me, if you are expecting one.  If you don't see it, please send me an email I will reply.   Then if you do not get a reply within a a day please call me.        

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Outside the US?  I can't ship it to anyone in another country, but you can order the download version and you will get all the same information as on the Flash Drive or CD Rom.

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We only communicate in English.  Only English is spoken/written here on the job.  If you don't know it well, the more you practice it the better you will get.  (We strongly admire you if you speak multiple languages).  Use German in Germany.  Use Italian in Italy.   Use French in France.  Use English in the US.

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

It is official now:
This company does not hire transgender people (or) anyone that uses pronouns.....Our policy officially changed as of April 7th 2023....

It is official now:
We have 62 employees and we encourage all to carry a handgun in the office (conceal carry outside, open carry inside per Florida laws).....Our policy officially changed as of April 7th 2023....

No rental applications taken from Democrats:
No job applications taken from Democrats:
No sales to Democrats:

Being a democrat is not a protected class, so I will discriminate against you. 

Democrats:  Especially Democrats who supported Obama, either Clinton and especially Biden.
Democrats lie to get their point across, democrats use emotion instead of logic and facts, especially when talking about gun control or housing. 

Being a democrat is not a protected class, so I will discriminate against you. 

I owned 8 houses (7 are rentals, I lived in the 8th) which includes a 4-plex apartment building. I will not rent to democrats

I don't rent to or give a job offer to a democrat if I can help it.  I will try find a way to cancel their rental lease legally.   I will not renew their lease if they get into a rental property.     But I can and will fire them if I find out they are a democrat and I will tell them that is the reason they are terminated - being a democrat.   

Being a democrat is not a protected class of people (Federal or any state), so I can discriminate against Democrats in employment or rental properties.   Most likely I won't know, but I will mention I support Trump and see how they react. 

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen. 

No job applications from these people:
Felony conviction on your record  (if it hasn't been expunged or overturned)
Have a gross misdemeanor conviction
on your record  (if not expunged or overturned)
Have a misdemeanor conviction on your record (if not expunged or overturned)
We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

Sanctuary Cities:
We will NOT do business with anyone that has an address in a sanctuary city.  Sanctuary city is a name given to a city in the United States that follows certain procedures that shelters illegal aliens.  This includes many cities and even the entire state of California.

José Inez García Zárate (or Juan Francisco López-Sánchez),of Guanajuato, Mexico, is an illegal alien who was deported from the U.S. a total of five (5) times, most recently in 2009. He had seven felony convictions in the US.  

San Francisco had an order from the INS to hold this illegal alien after he got out of jail but San Francisco did not and let him go when he committed murder with a stolen gun.  This is the type of person sanctuary cities protect.

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

Bathroom policy:  
All employees, contractors and guests/visitors MUST use the restroom and locker room of the gender they actually physically are, not what gender they might identify with.     

Transgenders have to use the bathroom of the gender they are physically are, failure to do so, will result in termination and escorted off property and given a trespass warning. 

This is to protect the privacy of the restroom to the people of the same gender they physically are.  Females use the Woman's restrooms and locker room.  Males use the Men's restrooms and locker room.   This is for the safety for all.

Your body determines what gender you are, not your mind.  Your mind is confused is all and you should be treated with counseling, psychiatrist care, and especially reverse treatment (to try to reverse your mind to be what gender you really are).

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

For parents with children in school: 
How to stop transgender children and adults from using the shower, locker room and bathroom of the gender they aren't physically are.   I certainly do not want an 18 year old 'senior' high school male student using the same shower, locker room and bathroom as a 15 year old 9th grade girl.  

If I showed my private parts to a girl or woman I would be arrested and convicted as a sex offender.  This is the same thing for any male using female's locker room and shower and they are not excused just because their mind is confused in what gender they physically are.   

Anyone who says that it is ok is sick, immoral and should be put in prison for that opinion (having 17/18 year old young men showering and using the same locker room as a 15/16 year old girl in school or even in a health/exercise club too).

We do not discriminate based upon any protected class and transgenders are or are not a protected class today, we do not know.   Things change all the time.  But they can believe whatever they want, we don't care about their beliefs or how they dress (skirt, blouse, high heels etc), wear makeup, how they talk, how they walk, or who they date, but they can NOT use the same bathroom, locker room, shower as girls/woman/females.   This is not fair to the true females.

(this section makes our views 100% legal.  We do NOT discriminate on their beliefs but we do not allow them to sharing bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.   Woman and girls can not have their rights taken away. 

PS:  My mother-in-law was sexually abused when she was young.   Would it be fair to have naked guys showering in the same locker room?  No it would not be fair.    How about an 18 year old senior in high school showering naked with a 15 year old 9th grader?   What about the girls rights?  

Click here:  http://www.allhomebased.com/Transgenders.html   

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

Sharia Law: 

We will not hire anyone that believes in Sharia Law.  Though we are pretty sure we won't ever know what their belief is, but we have woman managers that they would interview with and also be their supervisor.  

Anyone who supports Sharia law means they do not believe in FULL woman's rights.  We will not do business with anyone that believes that women do not have the right to go out in public by herself, right to vote, right to drive, right to talk to anyone the woman wants to, or have to cover their face and that a man can kill girls, daughters, woman in their life.     (( how sick is that?   They are all sick in the head )).

We do not care what religion you have but just not the sickness of Sharia Law. 
All religions welcome except Sharia Law supporters.  

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.

No job applications from these people:
Felony conviction on your record  (if it hasn't been expunged)
Have a gross misdemeanor conviction
on your record  (if not expunged)
Have a misdemeanor conviction on your record (if not expunged)

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.


All of these statements are legal, protected by the 1st amendment.   All are true too.  


This business is for sale:

Job Applicants:
You can send us your resume in .pdf format, do not include personal information such as DOB or SSN.  You don't have to include home address either.    Send email to: steve @  judgementcenter .com  (remove spaces).

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I am a real person.   I Have been in the news many times.  Do you want to see what I do besides Judgments?  Go to the following link, all of these are of the TV news interviews over the last few years.  

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Your satisfaction is my top priority.  If you have a problem with a transaction, just let me know and I will work with you to resolve the issue. You can call me at 1-651-321-1801.  I will make every effort to respond to all customer service inquiries within 1 business day or less.

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* None of these are instant downloads and here's why -->  

If I ship it, you won't get any downloads because I am shipping a flash drive OR a CD Rom.   But for downloads, there aren't any instant downloads because of people digging through the websites code and getting to the "Thank You for Payment" webpage without paying.  This page that contained the link to the instant download and they got the information without paying.

As soon as I see the order for the download and I verify you sent the money, I will send an email to you with a link, userid and password to the download. 

For faster response please send me an email and I will reply to it with the link, userid and password to the download.

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How much is my judgment worth today?

Who Is www.JudgmentCenter.com?

www.JudgmentCenter.com was started in 1999 by Steve Cook who operates as a judicial judgment processor in the business of collecting money owed to plaintiffs awarded money judgments. During the past several years Steve has collected judgments ranging from $1,000 to $19,000 using using a variety of techniques to uncover assets, which may then be levied to satisfy judgments.

Over the past few years www.JudgmentCenter.com has collected judgments for a variety of clients. We have built a reputation based on honesty and results.

The services have been used by attorneys, business owners, and individuals alike.  They have come to know www.JudgmentCenter.com and depend on Steve for our quick service and ability to produce.

About Steve Cook:

As mentioned earlier, www.JudgmentCenter.com was founded by Steve Cook who is also the author and publisher of this program.  

Steve has lots of years of experience in his past as all of the following:

  • Real Estate Experience:

    • Real estate landlord

    • Licensed real estate agent

    • Mortgage loan officer

    • Judgment Collector

  • Computer programmer

  • Private Pilot

  • Employee of credit bureau score company for 6.4 years.

  • Golden Retriever / Dog lover www.Ragom.com

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With all the real estate experience and the credit score company experience Steve Cook started collecting judgments.   Therefore, all of the information is my own actual first hand experience in conducting the Judicial Judgment Processing Program. I continue to conduct the business myself and usually collect several judgments each month.

Information contained in this program is compiled from the author’s own experience and is believed to be complete. The entire program is designed to provide information regarding the subject matter and any opinions given are based on the author’s experience, and considered true and accurate, but not infallible. This information is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering any legal advice. If legal advice is required, the services of an attorney and/or accountant should be sought.

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